Sunday, 22 November 2009

satay night

please bear that the picture quality is very bad

it is satay night organised by york malaysian society association(YMSA)

its will be yearly big event for YMSA i guess
we(last year comitee initiate) this

ok here goes the food menu's for this year

satay of course
nasi lemak
roti jala
onde onde
bubur kacang
teh tarik
soya cincau

nak komen pasal food one by one ke?x payah la kan....huhu...yang penting roti jala is superb..sedap...

unfortunately the satay picture is not here...x sempat snap picture da...da licin

the food were prepared by all of the comitee...i am not in the comitee anymore but we(my housemates) cook bubur was awesome!haha..perasan...

the guests are around 80 people...thats a lot!congratulation to all of them
and i think its half malaysia+bruneian and half others
not bad at all i guess

besepah betul manusia ni makan..buruk kan..nila perangai budak2 obesi...sama sbb the comitee lupe beli plastik sampah kot...thats why jadi camtu

overall it was a good event....promote malaysian food to others and let asian people itself fulfill their craving kan...

congratulations to all of the comitee members


please improve next year..there's a lot to improve...especially jam malaysia ni...haih..
but lets not talk about this here...

and again overall it was fun!