Sunday, 1 November 2009

happy birthday my sister!

happy birthday atin!
happy birthday mama!
i wish that i could write long entry about both of them
but i am too busy for this week

i think the most busiest day in my life in york
lots of work need to be done which i think its really hard to do

good luck in your spm atin
i know u cant wait to finish all of this right

u really want to finish your spm kn
now its the time
all the best
my prayer is always with u

to abah and mama,thank u for always give us support
i love both of u

to yong,all the best in your work
all the best with your sundramaju!

happy birhtday my sister!!


aidamanas said...

bangang weh.. apa hal sundramaju... ahahhah...

haswida abu bakar said...

ni poem ka apa ni? Poem jenis baru ka?

maimanas said...

poem caca merba