Tuesday, 24 November 2009

halal food is on york campus!



now the halal food is on campus!

it is in roger kirk
(saje nk jeleskan the super duper senior.hihi)

one of the big dining hall (cafe) in the university of york

the halal dishes will be mark by the letter (H)

congratulation to adam the former president of international society (who is malaysian)
and dina the midle east exco who work on this
hanya Allah dapat membalas jasa kalian.
sesungguhnya sumbangan ini amatlah besar buat kami semua

so last few days there was a celebration of this opening halal food.
it is other way to show to the university that there is a need in providing halal food in campus.
we bought ticket 5.50 pound
and there's alot of food that night.
one of them is turkey roast.
before this i was just like "teringin nye nk makan" tapi x halal kan

but now,no worries!u just need Pound ;p

by the way back to that night
i was i bit shocked because the dining was full!
meaning there's a lot of muslims in this university!
the number may just increasing year by year..
(but i bet it is not as many as in other place like manchester,leeds,birmingham etc)

now the islamic society is trying to get bigger prayer room.
as for now we only have a very very small prayer room and it is mix for brothers and sisters.
it is approx 2m x 5m area..
no ablution room what so ever.
tapi saya sangat2 bersyukur.
at least we have one.
if not tergapai2 jugak nk solat.
eventhough it is not a proper one.
if it is,we can do big jamaah etc

actually the prayer room is open for all religious.
but so far no other religious make use of it.(thank God)

hopefully they manage to get bigger room at least.insyaAllah

sekian itu sahaja


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