Wednesday, 16 April 2008

keukenhof tulip park

salam semua...hoho..kita smbg blk ye...hmm last entry lupa nk ckp yg holland ni kan terkenal ngn windmill...mse skola2 dlu kn ade belaja..kincir angin...hmm..dis time dpt tgk yg real punya....ok...kitorg spent msa about 2jam lebih kt park ni...besa sgt...xsempat abes suma pn.....bunga2 sumala cantek2...smpai last2 da bosan..haha...sbb byk sgt.....byaran msk since pergi ngn KELANA dptla group price 10euro...

Welcome to Keukenhof Nowhere else in the world are the flowers and colours of the spring as glorious as at Keukenhof. Here you can find endless inspiration while you relax in the beautiful surroundings of the park. Keukenhof offers you the opportunity to see millions of bulbs in flower, fantastic flower shows and the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands and is the most photographed place in the world. Enjoy the spring!
Come to Keukenhof above all don’t forget to bring your camera!

When do the bulbs bloom?
Flower bulbs are a product of nature. Therefore nature determines when the spring bulbs will bloom. The temperature is a deciding factor there; with a cold spring it takes longer for the bulbs to bloom than with a warmer spring. I’m sure you can understand that at Keukenhof we always hope for a spring with a lovely sun and pleasant temperatures, so that our visitors can appreciate the flowering bulbs for a long time.
(taken from keukenhof website)

da..tu aje..besambong di brussel belgium plak nnt....menyusul....

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cantek lah bunga2 nya..mcm2 kaler ada =P