Monday, 7 June 2010

cikgu best(school part 4)

Finally, i have done my placement.
Really miss the kids.
They are so lovely.

Even though i was busy with my exams and projects,
i still managed to finish up to the end.

They are a few lessons that i have learnt.
especially from the teacher Mrs Smith.

She is so adorable.
I really2 adore how she handle the class and the kids
She can be so friendly with the kids and she can be so strict as well.
Out of class, during recess the kids can pull her cloth or cuit-cuit or main main with her sesuka hati. But in class she is on her rule.
Mrs smith is always energetic. Her face expression is always exciting. The way she speaks, she explains, is very full of enthusiasm. That's what i adore most. Even when she talks to me, it is full of expressions.

She always teach her student manners. They have to be polite. Whenever they want to ask question they have to put up their hands, cant talk loudly etc.

thats all for now.

see u in the next entry....


zatil hidayah said...

Wanna be a good techer like her too.. :((

maimanas said...

of course u can :)