Wednesday, 2 January 2008

happy birthday sister

Sisters share a special bond
that grows stronger through the years.
Looking back on things we've done,
I realize that some of my happiest memories
are of times we've shared.
You give me the freedom to be myself
there's never a need to pretend
I'd like you to know there will always be
a special place in my heart for you
My Sister and my Friend.

really really miss u...thank u for being such a superb 'bestest' sister..happy birthday..ur 23 already...very hard to accept that we re growing up already..really miss the moment b together...fighting,gossiping,sharing,.......really sad coz we dont have much time to b together anymore...really miss your care ....miss u so much......dreams make us far...but this far make us more appreciate each i know how i need u n how i love u soo much my sister...happy birthday...crying this moment

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Anonymous said...

sedih hg ni jgn la cmni..
yong rindu sgt kat hg..rindu everything that we always do 2gether..
tu la masa dah makin singkat..kita masing2 dah besar.. nanti dah nak ada family sendiri dah susah nak tdor guling2 skali..
setiap kali something happen to me i always remember u becoz u r the 1 who always be my side..
understnad me n care for me much.
angah i luv u so much..
takder apa yg leh pisahkan kita eventhough one day we will have our own family.. we still be together..