Thursday, 27 December 2007

KYUEM memories(part 1)

the dancers
dewi and laksamana
dewi and pendekar jawa
big people in this casting;from left:zarul(ass director:casting),amir(director),nana(ass director:management),me(actress,boss besar)
me,costume crew,queen(best actress

with naem(garnet house)
with abg hafiz(abg jual beger+abg dining hall) family

2005-2007 memories..byk ni je gmba yg saje je nk ltak dlm blog ni..sng nk time bangsawan..some sort of but zamn dolu2 punye style..

this is my house production...the title "merah mawar neraka" gerun kn dagn me was one of the main main ke?mm bolela..watak antagonis...baek..

actually mse kt kolej dlu me was a house captain for topaz house..for girl la of course..mse kt kolej dlu most of the actv according to house..we divided into 4 chalet(hostel) pon duduk ikt house..we call it "kampung" me was in the kampung topazla...

ok..back to da bangsawan stori..actually ak mmg tanak acting since ak ni captain so u think i have much thing to klo blh dont want to b in casting then watla audition..audition punye audition,no one suitable 4 watak "dewi"..according to tuan they all pujok2 me to think of pride of my house i should sacrifice la...bkn sacrifice ape pn,sacrifice my seganla...n all my bakattependam..haha...siyes..actually mmg xpndai belakon lame2,ble si tuan direktor amir farid tu ajar,bolela sket2 kot.4 me myself p,i didnt satisfied with my acting xpela..this my 1st time pn..mmg xpna blaja pn mende2 ni..and x la intersted pn..just as experience...

mm xde pn gmba ngn sume actors...aiseh...

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Anonymous said...

pandai nya die berlakon..klu org, dowang nak bayar sejuta pon org xmo..huk3