Wednesday, 15 October 2008

selamat sampai

salam...kepada rakan2 yg sgt concern akan diriku
sy sudah selamat smpai di bumi england
maaf x memberitau sesiapa.
x nak menyusahkan sesiapa...
im ok....just wanna make it simple and easy
thanks for ur concern...really appreciate it
10 oct...mama,abah,yong and aiman je yg send me off to the airport
everything were fine...lancar semuanya...
eventhough almost 20 hours travel,we still can smile and walk energetically when we arrive in mlm to br flat..
chriss(our landlord) picked us up at the york train station
nanni(the wife) wait at our new house already
remember my old previous entry which i told u that our landlord's wife is indonesian
they are so kind...sangat baek utk amik kitorg dkt tren station and all..
so everything bejalan lancar
but now we are quite busy with the house stuff
need to unpack all the staff that we store at abg jamal's house
thanks to hafiz,azlan and arni yg tlg kitorg amik brg2 tu semua..byk gle..
so skrg tgh unpack all the staff... da almost done
ha...junior2 baru pn da smpi...6 of t we try to help them as much as we can..
tp kna blaja2 la buat sndr ye adik2...kitorg dlu pn semua blaja buat sndr...
anyway,interner kt umah blm ade sick of ade curi wireless jiran mane tah yg x ltak x kuat blhla nk on sket2...
telephone umah,electric,air,internet...n a few other things yg nk kna settle..
groceries pn x bli lg...hmm..
anyway,kt york da ade kdai ayam halal...alhamdulillah...sng sngt skrg...
i will post about that shop later..
hmm....umah baru ni sejuk sgtla plak...x mcm dok hall dlu..
heater x blh on sbb nk kna jimat kna pkai jaket all da time...
nk mndi pn seram je...haha...
mm..nk tgk umah baru x?will post about our new house later k...
mm before stop,nk pesan mama abah yong and all ,no need to worry about me k
im good now...try to sort out all of the things as soon as i can..


wa'ah said...

erk..rumah sewa tu takde central heating ke? ke saja2 tak mo pasang sebab nak jimat duit? gila ah itu macam.
rumah tu kat area mana?

maisarahmanas said...

kes jimatla ni kak..hehe..rumah kt area thieflane...tau x?dkt jgk la dgn shell tu..

wa'ah said...

lerr...rumah kita org dulu kat thieflane jugak :)