Monday, 6 October 2008

raya pic

raya thn ni merupakan raya yg agak bermakna bagi saya sbb thn lps sy x beraya besama famli....dis year im enjoying myself on hari raya more...i managed to do a few things a for preparation for hari mom is the best mentor for me as she can do everything that she want...baking cake,cookies,jahit langsir,sarung kerusila,deco our own room,deco the household staff and so many staff and so many things...i salute u mom!but sometimes i think u r being too ambitious mom!which i think its good!u want the best for ur family..but please look after ur health mom!do juat what u can..not what u want...ok!we love u so much...

bersalam di pagi raya dgn senyuman...
mummy ku yg cantik lg menawan...oh...hehe
waah...bibik buat video klip raya
the greatest mom and dad
lovely family
thr gorgeous ladies
together with bibik and bibik
eman n bibik...i have spent almost of my 3 months at home with both of them

i have so many picture to upload as for collection ..but will do that later

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