Thursday, 18 September 2008

family trip to yogyakarta

on the 21 - 24 august me and my family went for a short holiday to yogyakarta with one of our relative's family... actually i was so excited to story and narrate everything that i got from there..
unfortunately,due to the laziness of me,everything was the enthusiasm gone...sorry! just enjoy the picture k...

the whole group of trip at the keraton(palace)
yong together with her 'boroi' friend
everyone listen to the guide
salasilah sultan

the parents (my mama abah and toklong )
the whole group + one new zealand guy who suddenly menyibuk nk join jgk..hiks
me with kak long and kak ngah(both madam already :p)

me and my eldest sister

rest at the stare (tiring of hearing story)
at batik shop : me and ajai (suppose to b my uncle aka toklong's son)
candi apetah...lupe suda

masa untuk melentik sbb mls nk dnga cerita...hiks

3 girls of haji manas

the whole group again before 'hiking' to candi borobodur
a happy family
lovely couple
my siblings
naughty aiman
lawan perot

kak long and her husband (mother and father to be)

raja kapoor

da penat...abes...this is the whole saturday...


hot stock pick said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

voda txt said...

very awsome.

all rates said...

thats amazing story.

Lonely Paul said...


guam divorce immigration said...

very nice! hahahahaha

mobile wife said...

very cool.

myspace heart said...

im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

best ever rate said...

when will you go online?

maisarahmanas said...

to best ever rate : why?is there anything i can help u?
these few months i do online once in a while..but starting mid oct and forward i do online frequent(almost a day) as i will be back to my college...

wa'ah said...

wah! mai pun pegi jogja ke. 400 is so god damn cheap! i went there last july and it cost me 700.
banyak shoping baju ke?

that candi is called candi borobudur. tak kena kejar dengan mas2 jual sourvenir???

maisarahmanas said...

hiks..ade kena keja...dala dia keja mai sorang je..muke baek kot..ahax..jnoh nk cm ksian sbb dia mengandung..ikt dr atas borobudur smpi kt bas..jao gle die ikot...las2 bli jgk..apela..hehe...

shopping baju x byk pn sbb sume x bes..hehe...bli baju2 tido je...

kak waah byk shoping?tgk gaambo nek beca sakan ye..hehe..

wa'ah said...

cam manja gila kat jogja..nak pegi mana2 je nak naik beca. wakakakakak. pehtu jenis kedekut plak tu masa awal2..penat org tu kayuh kita gi mintak discount lagi. lepas skali mintak discount tak mintak dah la. bagi lebih ada la. sedar diri sket yg kita ni berat. wakakakak

shopping? huih.. kat malioboro tu ada 2 butik batik silk. cam org gila shoping baju raya. wakakaka. tapi tak beli silk pon beli yg polyester je senang sket nak jaga.

zuha said...

uwaaaa gambo nmpk perut le angah..
tidakkkkk hehehhe, k'long smpi skang dok perasan cover2 ala2 erra fazira gitu

best2 nanti bley g lagi!