Friday, 21 May 2010


Instead of study maths now i do a lot of research on all of my medicine that i have been prescribed, or any kind of medicine that i curious how they work, the side effect etc...Same goes to beauty product. I am so keen to research about this. I am not just click on the price bla bla bla but also do want to know the information or the science behind them. Even though i dont understand some of the term, but i really take an effort to search and find the meaning of that word. So good of me right? huh! I should take pharmacy course then. hais....What can't I do this on my math lesson for the last 2 ++ years? I must be excellence than if i do that.

Get back to the right track Maisarah!!
You only have `10 days left to end your mathematics world....well..not really.. but the most hardest part almost done!

stop stop stop browsing. They are not going to ask u what is gastro resistant, which Sun Protection Factor SPF is the best? how SPF cream work? diprobase vs aqueous etc....

Please read verify euler identity..what is Lagrange theorem? Give Prime Number Theorem (PNT) bla bla bla. bla bla bla..

ok. Now i'm done merepeking!

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