Monday, 22 March 2010

live from stockholm

hi all.

now i am in Stockholm sweden with atin my sister and 3 of my friends


dah 3 days here.esok nk balik da...

the first day was awesome..sunny...
we went to the old was antique and unique..
i like the small shops..small streets...
best la...but no shoping obvoiusly..semua pon mahal....

second day was snowing!
not so productive..
we went to malaysia restaurant here.
so kelakar.rasa nk bakar that restaurant.
kotiau pon keras macam lidi.dala 12pound..
gelak je all the time in the shop.menunggu next dish.
pastu jalan2 je meredah snow.

arini plan to go to museum and the biggest IKEA ever.
do u know IKEA is from sweden.
x sabar nk tgk

got to go.

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