Saturday, 13 February 2010

me in york school!!

Dear maisarah, 
Your YSIS(york student in school) placement is at Dringhouses Primary School. 
For new placements, we'll be in touch with more information soon;
you may be asked to contact your link teacher to make starting arrangements direct, 
or you may go as a group on a pre-placement visit before starting. 
Different schools have different systems. 
Meanwhile have a look at the school details on our web pages and 
perhaps follow the link to the school's own website 
via the City of York's schools' pages.  

damn!i got a place to be a tutor in primary school!
ingatkan tak dapat da..sebab da nk end of term da..
macam xlewat sangat ke?
this is voluntary je..
for me just to gain experience.
i should do this when i was in my first year lagi
what a waste.
x pe lah..better late than never kan
bukan final year busy ke
xpenat ke?
kena buat projek kan?
the answer is only "hendak sejuta daya..xnak 2 juta dalih kan"
masa tu kan 24 jam..pandai2 la susun..
cee..nasihat diri sendiri xleh blah..
halfday a week je pon..
excited + CUAK!!!
debo da ni..
da tebayang2 da nk pekenal diri dalam kelas ni..
cmne ni nak ajo anak mat saleh ni?
phew!wish me luck..
nnt i stori moli ok..


Anonymous said...

goodluck~ hee...

Anonymous said...

Cik Anon,,,

Hang kan bercita-cita nak jadi cikgu.. masa nih la.. tunjuk skill...

maimanas said...

baik cik anon..haha

jojot said...

wahh!! cuak nye! hehehe. tp cmbest je! try ur best k! mne tau rezeki kt york. hehehe~ all the best mai!!

maimanas said...

tq jojot!!!!miss u!

Mir said...

nape tak leh nk bace post ni..
nak tahu..

maimanas said...

alamak..tatau la plak len blh je..