Monday, 9 February 2009

guide to find a house for single student

salam semua
saja nk share sikit

skrg ni rakan2 1st year tgh sibuk2 cari rumah sewa tuk duduk next year kn
ni ade sikit guide berdasar pengalaman seciput yg saya ada

dulu kitorg pn blurr jgk
so here are the guide

1)go to the university information centre(of admin ke etc)
request for the list of landlord from them..after get,call one by one to ask for ur criteria such as octobor/sept enter,how many rooms,n so on..(ig call landlord sendiri blh negotiate something)

2)go to the property agent in the city centre or your university
just register with them..and they will let u know if there is a house which u like

3)go and see the house..the one that u

4)dont forget to ask about what is included in the rent
sometimes they pay for water bills for us
(heater,gas,electric,water,internet,n so on)

5)ask how to pay

6)personal opinion:
  • big kitchen better than big living room...(if suka lepak2 makan la)
  • ada living room much much much better
  • electric better than gas(see that stove,heater using what)
  • got garage or not?
  • got double glazing or not(desprately need duting winter)
  • neighbourhood?
  • furniture?
  • washing machine?(wajib kena ada)
  • dishwasher(x perlu pn)
  • internet?included?

tu je kot..xigt da

ok...after da msk

  • gas and electric provider..need to call them..look up the website hot to start..there is a guide
  • choose suggestion southen electric..jangan pilih british gas!mahal nk m@mp0s..if happen previous provider british gas xpe..u can easily change...just call new provider which u want..giive ther your meter reading and ur payment details n so on n they will settle for u etc...
  • check connection internet in ur area..which one freq better..jgn men taram je...survey dlu
  • check brg letric.kalau mcm da nk rosak bgtau siap2
  • jgn lupa baya tv license..can pay sajo..blh baya kt paypoint jgk...
  • set up heater..usually dalam bilik air...set the timer ke apa2 yg patut...jgn wt xtau plak..
  • check time for rubbish collection at ur neighbourhood
  • etc

bosannya...tu je la kot..kalau korang da tau xpe la..


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