Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Kit Kats, Yorkies, and other contraband products for strict Muslims

02_11_2004_0009The news that some Walkers Crisps contain alcohol has disturbed Muslims who bought the snacks believing them to be halal. Some Muslim groups have threatened to boycott the company.

Here's a list of other products that Muslims have to be careful to avoid to comply with the dietary requirements of Islam.

Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Bounty Milk Miniatures; Celebration; Funsize – Mars, Milky Way, Snickers; Galaxy Caramel Swirls and M&M's Peanut, Milky Way Crispy Rolls, Milky Way; Twix Kingsize, Aero – Milk chocolate, Orange, Peppermint; Animal Bar; Black Magic – Caramel, Hazel Cluster, Hazel in Caramel; Blue Ribband; Breakaway – Milk Camarac and Milk Chocolate; Caramac; Dairy Box – Almond Fayre, Autumn Hazelnut, Caramel Classic, Country Fudge, Nut Swirl, Strawberry Fool, Toffee Cup, Turkish Delight, Vanilla Truffle, Wafer Sandwich; Golden Cup; Kit Kat; Lion Bar; Matchmakers – Coconut, Mint, Orange; Milkybar White Chocolate Mini Eggs; Munchies; Quality Street – Caramel Cup, Coconut Éclair, Dairy Fudge, Fruit & Nut Delight, Hazelnut Éclair, Hazelnut in Caramel, Milk chocolate Hazelnut, Noisette Triangle, Toffee Deluxe, Toffee Fingers, Vanilla Octagon; Rolo Bar; Rolo; Smarties – orange only; Walnut whip – Vanilla; Yorkie – Milk Chocolate, Nutter, Raisin & Biscuit. Kraft Singles Cheese Food Slices

Cheese Quavers; Cheesy Monster Munch; Savoury Cheese Snaps; Walkers - Cheese & Onion Crisps, Cheese & Onion Lites, Tomato Ketchup Crisps, MAX Hard Cheese & Onion, Kettle Chips Yoghurt and Green Onion.

More surprisingly perhaps these products from The Body Shop are alleged to contain by-products from the meat industry: Bath Beads – all varieties, Bath Bubbles – Cola, Forest Jelly, Ice Cream, Satsuma, Strawberry; Hawthorn Hand Cream; Shampoo – Mint & Thyme, Orange Oat, Seaweed & Peony; Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

And finally Kellogg's Pop Tarts which quite frankly should be haram (forbidden) for everyone.

The products listed contain Gelatine (derived from skin, tendon, ligaments, and bones of animals which may not have been slaughtered according to halal practice) or Rennet, derived from calves stomachs and used in cheese making. Whey powder is produced when cheese is made using rennet. If rennet is taken from animals slaughted according to Islamic law it is halal, but abstinence from rennet is often advised to be on the safe side.

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